Put simply, we help healthcare organizations better understand their performance by transforming their raw electronic medical record, practice management, and claims data into information and insights.

Over the past several years a number of "Analytics" vendors have offered a wide variety of solutions to allow healthcare organizations to "buy analytics".  Although many of these systems very adequately provide the specific functionality they claim to deliver, we firmly believe that healthcare analytics is a capability that an organization must develop, not a "thing" that they buy.  Clincal Data Management Systems (CDMS) is interested, first and foremost, in helping healthcare organizations build this capability so that they are not limited to the functionality that their vendor has chosen to build into their solution.  As this capability matures, organizations are able to more accurately identify the specific components of their analytics toolset that they should buy instead of build.  If any of the following scenarios describes your organization, contact CDMS to see how we can help.

You Don't Have a Way to Analyze the Data You Generate

The number one complaint of EMR and PM system customers is that these systems are great for operational transactions (e.g., documenting visits, scheduling, billing, etc.) but lack the capability to support strategic and operational decision-making.  The reason for this is that these systems are built to support specific types of transactional work-flows that achieve a few discrete goals...get the bill out, document the patient visit, etc.  Though they capture the data you need to study and analyze, they simply are not built to provide you with an analytic view of the world.  CDMS can help your organization by taking the raw data from these "transactional" systems and organizing them in a reporting solution that allows you to easily look at your operations in the aggregate from a number of different perspectives that make sense to you--looking at clinic performance, for example, by different patient groupings, the productivity of individual providers, or billing patterns involving different payors.

You Have Claims Data You Would Like to Integrate with Your Clinical Data

Are you part of an ACO or IPA and have claims data that you need to integrate with your clinical data.?  No problem;  CDMS will integrate these data with your existing clinical data to give you a full 360-degree view of the utilization rates, costs, and relative risk of your attributed patient panels.

You Have Data; You Need Answers

Many healthcare organizations have made an investment in some sort of Business Intelligence or Reporting solution but do not have sufficient full-time staff to keep up with the demand for custom reports and one-off analyses.  CDMS can help by engaging with you to create custom reports in your vendor solution or by extracting data from your system and working directly with your quality improvement, clinical, or administrative leadership to help identify the root cause of an issue and identify steps that can be taken to correct it.

You Don't Know Where to Start

If you are trying to build out your analytics function for the first time or are trying to grow from one or two inexperienced report-writers into a full-fledged analytics capability, it can be a bit overwhelming without an experienced healthcare analytics leader to help identify, hire, and mentor the resources you need.  CDMS can provide this leadership on a full-time or part-time basis for long-term or limited-term engagements to help your organization evolve to a higher level of analytics maturity.