Analytics Consumers...Know Thy Data

It's absolutely true that people can get carried away with "analytics".  If you don't truly understand the factors driving the numbers, strategic and operational decision-making can lead you astray in a hurry.  CDMS helps you avoid this pitfall by understanding your clinical and operational work-flows so that "the numbers" accurately reflect the performance of your organization.



Are your providers, billers, and schedulers just trying to H-I-T the B-A-L-L ?

We will not speak to you in TLAs (three letter acronyms) about analytics.  We want to learn YOUR business processes and analytics goals and then work as a partner to help you perform at your best.



Analytics Across Industries

From Formula1 racing to UPS/FedEx deliveries or the performance of your healthcare organization, having real-time or near-real-time information is increasingly important for operational reporting.


Because We are in Wisconsin <Regional Statistics Joke>

Three statisticians go out hunting on opening day of deer season.  A big trophy buck is spotted on a hillside; the first statistician takes aim and fires [bang!].  "Darn, two feet to the left", he exclaims.  The second statistician takes aim and fires..."Darn, two feet to the right".  Just then the third statistician starts jumping up and down..."I got him...I got him".